Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hotel Maaidah

Few weeks back one of my friends asked me try Changezi Chicken in Jama Masjid.I have been to Jama Masjid several times to eat at Karims,Aljawahar and kashmiri restaurant.I must admit here that,I am a bit of a changezi chicken and Mutton Nahari freak.Today,there was a cool breeze blowing with drizzles around the city,which provoked my foodie soul to explore the eatery referred by friend of mine.I headed towards Jama Masjid to look out for this restaurant to eat some mouth watering and nose watering non vegetarian food.

The name of the Restaurant is Hotel Maaidah,owned by M.Safwan, located in Choori Walan,Jama Masjid.
We ordered a plate of changezi chicken,mutton nahari and chicken kebab.Mutton nahari is served with toppings of coriander strips and green chillies and is awesome in taste.The meat is soft and did melt in mouth. Changezi was equally good and a quarter plate is more than enough for a person.Changezi and Khamiri rotis makes a perfect combination. The prices are reasonable-quarter plate changezi costs Rs 90 and Mutton Nahari Rs 80.

This sudden spell of rain brought relief from the scorching heat.This week on Sunday, SFD group would be visiting Ballimaran to a new restaurant-Kabul Zaiqa,to enjoy legendary Afghan delicacies.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pancham Chole Kulche and Raaj pakode

Chole Kulche knows no class, no gender and no age discrimination. Everyone enjoys it! Next Sunday we have planned SFD’s first Burpp!!! in Azad market. I used to go there quite often with my friends, during my college days to eat changezi chicken, which is popularly known as baade ka changezi chicken.Iwas a bit disappointed to see the shutters down of my all time favourite eatery.

But the meat shop, which was there next to famous changezi chicken, informed me that the eatery has been shifted to Rohtak road.It has been rightly said thatWe must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.With a gleam of hope I started walking to Rohtak Road. Enroute to East Park Road,Rohtak road, I explored the food available there. Rohtak road is right opposite to Filmistan cinema hall.

My foodie eyes and soul rested at Raaj Pakode wala. Praveen who sells the pakoda there, represents the third generation. The shop was starte
d by Shri Durga Prasad before the partition. Raaj sells mix pakodas of different types-gobhi,aloo,palak,daal and bread.Pakodas are served with green chutney and were crispy. 250gms of pakoda costs Rs 30.Next to Raaj Pakoda is a tea shop of Sardar ji. Both of them had migrated from Pakistan.It was a perfect combination- pakoda,tea and stories of their grandparents who migrated from Pakistan.

Opposite side of the road is Pancham Chole Kulche wala. Purshottam

who sells the chole kulche there proudly says that the eatery is 175 years old, started by Pancham.The chole available on the streets of Delhi usually are simply mixed with onion and spices in a bowl and served to people. But Purshottam has a unique style of making it. He makes chole for each one on a small disposal plate, rightly mixing spices and lemon. Secondly, he adds sweet emli chutney- sauth to chole, which makes the chole sweet and sour.His spices are homemade and the taste is truly mouth watering.

After having delicious chole, I kept walking with my head down thinking that I am born to eat and finally reached the destination Changezi chicken, taste of mughal cuisine.